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Sheer Bikinis and Sheer Swimwear

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Sheer Zebra Swim Dress Swimwear
Sheer Zebra Swim Dress
Regular Price: $139.00
Our Price: $125.00

Sheer Tankini Swimwear
Sheer Tankini
Regular Price: $109.00
Our Price: $98.00

Sheer String Bikini Swimwear
Sheer String Bikini
Regular Price: $74.00
Our Price: $65.00

Sheer Zebra Fatale  Swimwear Swimwear
Sheer Zebra Fatale Swimwear
Regular Price: $159.00
Our Price: $143.00

Gauze Tankini Swimwear Swimwear
Gauze Tankini Swimwear
Regular Price: $119.00
Our Price: $107.00

Sexy Sheer Tee Swimwear Swimwear
Sexy Sheer Tee Swimwear
Regular Price: $39.00
Our Price: $35.00

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Love a sexy bathing suit and hate tan lines? Sheer swimwear is for you. Our collection of sheer bikinis and sheer swimsuits lets the sun’s rays get through so that you don’t wind up with unsightly tan lines after your day by the pool or at the beach. Be as bold as you want with sheer swimwear – some of our styles are mostly opaque and some are daringly transparent when wet! We offer both barely-there sheer bikinis and one piece bathing suits with more coverage. Every swimsuit we offer is made in the USA for optimal quality. We carefully select swimwear that will fit you beautifully. No matter which sheer bikini or sheer one piece swimsuit you choose, we’ll ship it to you without sales tax! Shop our gorgeous online collection now to find the sheer swimwear that you’ll love to wear all summer long.

Sheer swimwear is a tan-through swimwear, sheer swimwear allows you to get sun exposure without visible tan lines that most people don’t enjoy getting. The highest expose areas to the suns ultraviolet rays are the shoulders, bottom regions and midriff and this sheer swimwear comes with extra lining protection to the immediate crotch and breast areas. Make sure you wear sunscreen under your suit and in areas that are fully exposed to achieve a somewhat even tan and match the protection level on your swimwear. You don’t want to get sunburn or an uneven tan. Start out with an SPF factor in the 10-15 this should bring you near your mark.

The material in these sheer swimsuits are what makes them so unique. The amount of sheerness depends mainly on the material . The millions of microscopic holes that allow the sun to come through and give you that tanning look your looking for. Most sheer swimwear gives you a slight transperant look when dry but gives you a sheer exotic look when wet. These suits also dry in half the time then other swimwear and are exceptionally lightweight and comfortable. Keep in mind that though these suits are not very transparent when dry there are styles that are quite revealing when wet.