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Swimwear Guide

Swimwear 123's guide to women's swimwear. We give you tips on how to find the best sexy exotic swimwear or swimsuit for your body type. Suggestions about how to look like a bathing princess when you dont feel like one.

Inverted Triangle Shape Swimwear

The inverted triangle shape swimwear has shoulders that are broader than the hips and waistline. To minimize the top, and accentuate the bottom, choose a swimwear that has a high cut neckline. This will give you a figure friendly fit.

Triangle Shape Swimwear

The triangle shape swimwear has rounded hips and bottom. It has a waistline that is wider than the shoulders. This body shape is ideal for the one piece tummy control swimwear such as the racer back or boat neck. This will help give you a more balanced figure appearance.

Athletic Shape Swimwear

The athletic shape swimwear has the same girth at the shoulders, hips and waist. It’s thin and elongated. You want to give it some curves. The ideal swimwear for this body shape is a swimsuit with a belted bottom. This will help create a waistline.

Hourglass Shape Swimwear

The hourglass shape swimwear is said to be the ideal feminine figure. Your shoulders and your hips are balanced with a defined waistline. This body type can wear any style of swimwear.

Apple Shape Swimwear

The apple shape swimwear body sometimes has a bigger bust, narrow shoulders, and thighs and a waist that is less-defined. You should draw attention away from the tummy area and the bust. Try swimwear that is dark in colors. Also draping style swimwear will help minimize the bust.